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On this page you will find pictures of our home entertainment centers, corner entertainment centers, oak entertainment centers and our oak or painted custom duel computer desk.  When you have a home based business you canít run it form the kitchen table.  Artisan Specialties  offers custom oak computer desks and organizers for your convenience.  We also offer custom corner entertainment centers and home entertainment systems to better organize your electronics!

We have 30 years of customization of cabinetry for youíre built in entertainment center that will hold your dream home system.  We all want to play with our TV and record our favorite shows right?  Some of us even like to make a collection from some shows to view when ever you want to.  When you have a collection of gadgets you will need some form of entertainment center for them.  Let my company Artisan Specialties   custom design your next dream home entertainment center.  We can make a built in entertainment center or a free standing one like what you see below.  If you have a certain species of wood you would like to have us custom build your media entertainment center and cabinetry with just give us a call or drop an Email Me.

Entertainment Center Cabinet With Pullout Drawers.gif - 23222 Bytes
This Entertainment center, or TV entertainment center as some would say, is made out of popular wood.  It has a light grain to it with very little knots.  The two top bookcases on each side of the entertainment center have adjustable shelves.  There are base cabinets on the bottom of the side bookcases that have a single shelf that is removable, including a bottom pull out drawer.  As you see there are also pull out drawers in the bottom center cabinet with a single removable shelf.  This entertainment cabinet was made larger for a new bigger TV.  Looking at this picture you can see there was a limited amount of room between the windows on each side of this cabinet.  Ideally you would want a minimum of a three foot cabinet on each side to really make use of a bookcase, but with these limitations, you need to custom build your cabinets with what you have in the room for wall space.  Very seldom will you be able to find a prefab cabinet of this quality craftsmanship already made and ready to install.  Quotes are free, and sketches or pictures of what you want are encouraged!
Entertainment Center Cabinet With Pullout TV Tray.gif - 24833 Bytes
You have options of not installing the TV pullout of course, but I would highly recommend it for the TV’s that allow you to do this with.  You can see from this picture how the TV comes out of the entertainment center cabinet.  You can also turn the TV to the left or right for better viewing if you have a couch that is not directly in front of the unit.  You can see also that the TV section has pocket doors.  I could have made the doors come closer to the face of the cabinet but the Owner had a depth concern about it protruding too much into the room.  Everything I do for the most part is high quality custom cabinetry to your specifications!  Call Artisan Specialties  today for a FREE quote on your special project.  All wood is raw popular and plywood, with solid wood popular doors having hidden three way adjustable European hinges on the base cabinets.
Entertainment Cabinet 3 Piece Crown Molding.gif - 22049 Bytes
This is the middle accent key on top of the entertainment center cabinet, and is made out of one and a half inch thick solid popular with a routed edge.  It has a single piece of three and three quarters inch solid popular crown molding sitting on top of a solid ripped down piece of one x popular around the top.  Right under the crown molding is an ornate wooden scrolled leaf molding about one inch wide.  I can't claim the fame for that idea.  I wish I could.  The Owner thought it needed some finishing touches and bought this molding for the top and the larger two and a quarter inch molding for the sides of the front on the TV cabinets.  Under the wooden scrolled leaf of the crown molding you will see a single piece of base cap molding made out of solid popular, one and three eights wide to finish off this beautiful headboard.  I do love my job, every project is different, every client has an idea that helps bring out their own personal touch to the piece I build for them. Exciting?  You better believe it!  I love a challenge.  It keeps life entertaining.
Duel Computer Desk Cabinet Arched Keyed Top Cabinets.gif - 22087 Bytes
Project.  Top of a second floor balcony.  Build two computer desks with arched headboards having accent keys, shelves, letter holders, three banks for drawers with heavy duty roller bearing pull out keyboards with a pencil holding section.  One again you see the three way adjustable hidden European hinges on the door Tim Lee is holding open for me.  Above on the ceiling, you can see three piece crown molding consisting of two, five and one quarter speed base, and one, four and three quarters MDF crown molding.  Another quality cabinet design by Artisan Specialties.  When you retain my company for your home building or custom cabinetry you also receive a company that puts quality before quantity.  Meaning all of my men will not settle for the standard, we strive to put ourselves above the rest in attention to detail and quality of work.  I want my company to be the leaders in customer satisfaction!
Duel Computer Work  Desks With Letter Holder Top Cabinets.gif - 21266 Bytes
Here you can see the pencil holder in the back of the keyboard drawer.  You can also see the black plastic trimmed hole in the back of the keyboard of the base cabinet for connecting wires.  If you look on the back side of the base cabinet you will also see another black plastic trimmed out hole for all wires that may be coming through the desktop connecting anything the Owner may need, all neatly tucked out of the way and out of site.  With this professional duel work desk cabinet the modern work at home couple has no problem being organized to speed up productivity.  Every moment counts when you are raising a family.  The only thing that we did not do on this project was to install under the cabinet lighting.  I believe think this would have been an added benefit.  My company has made entertainment centers for homes that are every bit as big as this duel computer desk.  We can make an oak computer desk or any species of wood you like.
Base Work Desk And Top Cabinet Design.gif - 22188 Bytes
The cabinet work desk is made out of white pine for shelving.  Birch plywood for the main parts of the cabinet desk top, sides, and top cabinet headboard.  The tops of the base cabinet can be easily removed to access wiring for the computer network.  A height of thirty four inches to the top of the sit down desk, and thirty six inches to the top of the banks of drawers.  The distance between the top and bottom cabinets is custom for the height of the computer.  Simple base cap molding around the top of the base cabinets to finish off the edges.  All shelving and letter holders have been routed with a double round over.  Imagine your home entertainment system built right into this beautiful custom business desk organizer!  It would be a might harder to get your work done huh?
Entertainment center with bookcases arched keys.gif - 22887 Bytes
ITEM 003
Entertainment centers are made with the input from our clients. This entertainment center was built to provide more storage area. As you can see no drawers are installed in this long custom cabinet. Only two shelves behind the bottom drawers. Added storage above the TV and DVD cable box shelf. Colossal crown molding on all of the walls tying the entertainment and bookcase cabinets all together. Fluted legs on the cabinets with accent rosettes on the top. All bookcase shelves are adjustable. The Owner did not want pocket doors on this cabinet, just an opening for the TV and shelf for the accessories. I love pocket doors myself, and highly recommend them to finish off any custom piece of work like this. When you decide to build a family entertainment center or something else, don't stop when your 90 percent finished, go all the way. You will not regret it.
desk cabinet shelf top cabinet.gif - 22662 Bytes
ITEM 004
This is a desk cabinet that was built for the Owners son to do his homework on.  Storage shelf above the desk cabinet with a three door top cabinet for additional storage.  The top cabinets have the inexpensive bright brass flush mounted door hinges.  The bottom drawers have the last drawer extra deep for files.  A must for every student for organization.  This cabinet is s simple solution to gain more usable space, rather than having a piece of furniture here that does not fit.  Artisan Specialties  will help you too utilize the most efficient design for your home needs.
Before Bookcase Cabinet Renovation.gif - 21929 Bytes
ITEM 005
Artisan Specialties  does a whole lot of renovations and upgrades to homes.  You can see from this picture the Owner did not have anything on this side of the fireplace, nor the other side that you can’t see.  These areas were crying out for something useful to be there.  No prefab cabinets would work.  My job?  Build a functioning side cabinet for storage and beef up the small fireplace mantle to tie the mantle and both cabinets all together.  You can tell by zooming into the fireplace mantle that it was only as thick as chair railing.  You will need to go to the fireplace section of my WebSite, (ITEM 012) to see how the new fireplace mantle gave it more of a focus to the room.  You do want the fireplace to stand out when it’s the center of attraction.  Advice is FREE, only when you have us build a custom cabinet for you will you ever have to pay.  Got an idea?  Not sure if it would work? Like I said, advice is FREE, so give me a call, and ask for Patrick Clark that’s the guy who built all of what you see pictures of on this site, and it’s me, your humble WebMaster.
Bookcase With Accent Key Pullout Drawer.gif - 24418 Bytes
Here is a picture of a cheap corner entertainment center with adjustable shelves on the top, single shelf in the base cabinet, with a large pull out drawer behind the cabinet doors.  Concealed three way adjustable European hinges.  If you look closely you can see the electrical outlet in the base cabinet with a hole drilled through the shelf for the wires.  This is another inexpensive custom cabinet that is made out of popular wood and plywood, with solid wooden popular raised panel doors.  The top is designed like ITEM 001 on this page.  Another matching cabinet is on the left side of this solid rock hearth and face to balance the room out. We can prefab any built-in corner cabinet for your living room, kitchen, or somewhere else.
Bookcase With Accent Key Doors Closed.gif - 23675 Bytes
This is a picture of the above with the doors closed so you can get a better idea of how it looks.  Plus the design of the solid popular raised panel doors.  Convenient, functional, and of coarse, absolutely beautiful.  You can even see where the solid rock hearth has been cut back to allow the cabinet to go flush with its side.  I have always taken great pride in what I do.  I love it when people ask my clients who they used.  Do you have his number?  Half of my high end cabinetry is by referral from my clients.  Another quarter is from the phone book, and another quarter by this WebSite.
Corner Cabinet Bookcase.gif - 22962 Bytes
ITEM 007
Corner entertainment center cabinet is the way to go when you have a limited amount of space in the floor and wall area.  This cabinet has the same style as the cabinet above, being popular with popular crown base cap and one x.  The leaf scrolling is made of pine.  Both bottom doors are solid popular with the less expensive bright brass flush mount hinges.  Behind the doors is one stationary shelf.  On the top of this corner bookcase are two adjustable shelves.  This corner cabinet also has a wire on the very top that will hook up the Owners speakers to his entertainment center.  I built two of these corner cabinets, one for each side of the back corner wall behind the couch that is in front of the entertainment center.  Nice sound system right?  Think of where you want your speakers when you undertake a project like this.  Sometimes you might have to be a little creative to hide the speaker wires.  You can also have me incorporate the speaker into the headboard of the cabinets if you wish.
bookcase cabinet headboard and arch with fireplace.gif - 26388 Bytes
ITEM 008
Entertainment centers are made with the input from our clients and their needs. This entertainment center was built to provide more storage area. Artisan Specialties custom builds all entertainment centers for home equipment. If you would like a custom home TV entertainment center give my company a call today. You can see added storage above the TV and DVD cable box shelf. Colossal crown molding on all of the walls tying the entertainment and bookcase cabinets all together. Fluted legs on the cabinets with accent rosettes on the top. All bookcase shelves are adjustable. The Owner did not want pocket doors on this cabinet, just an opening for the TV entertainment center and shelf for the accessories. I love pocket doors myself, and highly recommend them to finish off any custom piece of work like this. When you decide to build a family entertainment center or something else, donít stop when your 90 percent finished, go all the way. You will not regret it.
bookcase cabinet headboard and arch.gif - 16969 Bytes
ITEM 009
Here is a close up view of this custom home entertainment center. You can see the headboard and accent key with stepped out crown molding.  The fluted legs on the top cabinet with the crown also stepped out to give it a larger presence.  Why would anyone just put a single piece of crown molding on a cabinet when you can do so many things to make it stand out in a room?  My company can do the standard cabinetry you see everywhere else if you're on a tight budget.  But if you're building a contract home like this, no one will want the standard when the custom look is expected.  Won't you agree?  I have many more options that could make this custom TV entertainment center stand out even more if you would like an even more elaborate home entertainment center!
arched bookcase cabinet connected to kitchen peninsula.gif - 23690 Bytes
ITEM 010
Pictured is an adjustable bookcase that ties into the kitchen peninsula cabinet.  You can see to the left a little of the TV entertainment center cabinet with its pocket doors.  Under the cabinet is a gas fireplace.  The kitchen peninsula has a raised bar.  Back in the distance you can see how I designed the kitchen cabinets with the end of the top cabinets having open shelves for display.  There was limited space with the bookcase and gas fireplace, but with Artisan Specialties  it all flows together as one streamlined continuous cabinet, from kitchen to living room.
diningroom top cabinets granite top base cabinets - 25331 Bytes
ITEM 011
With a formal dining room you need a place to show off all of your China.  Here you have a base cabinet with two banks of drawers, and a drawer over every door.  Hidden European style, three way adjustable hinges.  Bright brass door and drawer pulls.  The base cabinet and China cabinet doors all have a single panel arch.  The top China cabinet has the arch, but with an additional thrill of glass doors.  All shelves are thick glass and adjustable.  When the power goes on this home you will see the recessed lighting on the very top shine down and go between the glass shelves giving you a sparkling light show, refracting off of every little corner of what you may want to put on display.  The walls have glass over them to help give an illusion of more depth to the room than what it has.  You can also see the thick black marble on top of the base cabinets.  Plenty of room for whatever you may need to store on the bottom cabinet and see through shelving on the top cabinets with hidden cam lights on the top.

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