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Pictures of all our custom built in bathroom vanity cabinets.  With a description of what you’re looking at on the right side of the vanity cabinet thumbnail.  To see enlarged pictures of any bathroom vanity cabinet, just click on the thumbnail.  To go back to where you where, click on your browser’s back button.  Artisan Specialties  custom makes built in bathroom vanity cabinets, custom double bathroom vanity, and makeup desks.  Eight foot vanity and bigger!  All of our custom bathroom vanities are made to order, right here in South Carolina.  We can built-in your bathroom cabinet, or custom build prefab bathroom cabinets!  Give my company a call or drop me an email for an estimate on your home cabinetry needs.

Why go to a company that only sales and does not make cabinets when you can have the cabinet maker custom build yours today?  That is easy.  NO MDF or pressed paper of any kind!  Real solid high quality workmanship right here in Columbia, SC in The United States of America!  You receive huge discounts with all prices when ordering from my company.  There is no middle man, you talk to the Owner of the company, chief carpenter and licensed home builder for our beautiful state, myself, Patrick Clark.


Leading off this row is a custom combination built in bathroom vanity.  In this picture you see a twenty degree bathroom cabinet makeup desk with the ends of two eight foot long custom cabinet vanities on the left and right sides of it.  I helped design this custom double bathroom vanity for a sweet lady in Chapin SC.  I say helped because my clients have all the input they want with building their dreams!  For the traditional bathroom vanity, or the ornate, Artisan Specialties   can custom build your next designer bathroom cabinet on site, or as a prefab bathroom cabinet.  If you are doing a prefab bathroom cabinet, I highly recommend making a template for walls having an off angled corner.  Call or Email today for your FREE quote.
Matching the grand style of the built in bathroom vanity above is this custom darling hanging over the makeup desk in the middle of the twin eight foot vanities.  I must say it’s just amazing what some of our clients come up with for their custom vanity.  We have never made anything like this for a homeowner.  She wanted something to accent her master bathroom vanity cabinet and came up with this idea.  Not to mention a nice place to put her dangling house plants!  I believe she called it a planter’s box.  Everyone has a different idea or need.  With Artisan Specialties we give you that extra attention you deserve with a custom built dream home.  We custom build cabinets!  Our cabinets can be made on site for perfect fit or prefab bathroom cabinets over eight foot vanity and up!
Another version of a large 8 foot vanity cabinet.  This is a standard design double bowl bathroom vanity sink separated by a nine foot high laundry cabinet in the middle, with adjustable shelves.  The doors and drawers are raised panel with solid brass door and drawer knobs.  Double split doors to help access under the sinks without a middle stile being in the way.  Solid surface custom made sinks that are routed into the countertops to accent an already beautifully designed bathroom vanity cabinet combination.  A prefab bathroom cabinet would work great in an area like what is shown here.
The best thing about having large vanities is that with an 8 foot vanity you can have double banks of drawers on each side of the sink, and not small drawers either!  Pictured here is a close up of vanity ITEM 035A.  This shows you a better view of the double bank of drawers on each side of sink.  It also shows the grain better so you can see the color you may want to use if you order a stain grade bathroom vanity.  Just remember that stain grade wood does not cost as much as paint grade wood if you are on a budget.  I personally like paint grade cabinets in most rooms of a home for brightness, maintenance, and cleaning.  I would have one room all by itself that would have totally stain grade cabinets and woodwork.
ITEM 036 Log Home
Gaps around log walls?  With the round logs on the inside of a log home, Artisan Specialties  scribes around the side stile next to the logs to achieve a perfect fit next to the walls.  If you look closely you will also see how we have scribed the bathroom countertop of the cabinet to fit just right around the curved logs also.  High quality and pride in craftsmanship makesArtisan Specialties  stand out above the rest with our custom bathroom cabinetry!  To see how log homes should have the windows, doors, and gable vents finished off go to ITEM 066A on my trim moldings page to view.  You can tell from he custom fit of this built in bathroom cabinet that it would be next to impossible to make prefab bathroom cabinets for this vanity!
ITEM 037
Scribing around the side stiles of the vanity is not limited to log homes when you do a built in bathroom vanity.  That is truly the best fitting bathroom vanity cabinet you can build.  Mr Lee picture here knows how to scribe for that perfect fit, and so will anyone who wants to be the best like I do!  Pictured here is a custom double bathroom vanity.  The doors under the sink are split doors with no stile between the doors for full access to what ever you may need.  In the middle of this lovely built in bathroom vanity cabinet is a bank of drawers.  Solid surface countertop with sinks routed into the bathroom countertop.  Concealed three way adjustable European hinges on all raised panel doors.
ITEM 038
Pictured here is another double bowl built in bathroom vanity sink with just a few different twists.  It has split doors to access under the vanity sinks with no middle stile.  A larger single bank of drawers in the middle separating both cabinet sinks, with a flip out drawer above the two pairs of split doors to hold small items.  Door and drawer fronts have been made with 3/8 inch offset mold, (scoop molding) and installed with 3/8 bright brass spring loaded hinges. All door and drawer fronts have solid brass knobs.  Custom built solid surface countertop.  If you must save money don't start with the hinges.  I always liked my cabinets with the European concealed hinges and raised panel doors myself.
ITEM 039
Another double bowl bathroom vanity sink routed into the vanity cabinet countertop.  Door and drawer fronts have been made with 3/8 inch offset mold, (flat molding) and installed with 3/8 bright brass spring loaded hinges. With this bathroom vanity it has two banks of drawers in the middle with four small drawers and two large drawers on the bottom of the banks for large stuff.  Split doors under the sinks of this bathroom vanity give you full access to everything.  If the plumbing allows my company can build a custom pull out drawer behind any doors to help provide the additional luxury of not having to reach way in the back.
ITEM 040
This is a single bowl bathroom vanity cabinet with double banks of drawers on each side of the sink.  Flip out behind the dummy drawer of the sink to hold those small easy access items.  Single bowl bathroom vanity sink routed into the vanity cabinet countertop.  Door and drawer fronts have been made with 3/8 inch offset mold, (scoop molding) and installed with 3/8 bright brass spring loaded hinges.  Split doors under the sink to give you full access to everything.  If the plumbing allows my company can build a custom pull out drawer behind any doors to help provide the additional luxury of not having to reach way in the back.
ITEM 041 Log Home
Have you ever gotten up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and bumped your hip or leg on the corner of a sharp prefab cabinet vanity?  Well once again this is a good example of how Artisan Specialties  can custom build cabinets to suit every need and concern.  Here is a forty five degree outside corner on a bathroom makeup desk to help prevent those bruises in the middle of the night when you just have to get up.  Don't worry though, if you would like a prefab bathroom cabinet, or a built in with an angled corner, that is only a phone call away!  To finish it off have your solid surface countertop rounded on the outside corner of the bathroom cabinet.  If you really need to save some money do a simple laminate countertop for your prefab unit like the one shown here.
ITEM 042
Yes this makeup desk is built in also for the perfect fit to walls.  We had a family who’s daughter wanted a makeup desk like the movie stars in her bedroom, solution.  They hadArtisan Specialties  custom build it for them.  Lights all the way around the arch with a dimmer.  Three outlets right in front to hook up all those electrical appliances every young girl uses on their hair.  Plenty of storage space for school books on the sides and below, with allot left over for all of those teenager cloths!  Anything is possible.  You just need to imagine it, or haveArtisan Specialties  design it for you.  I encourage my clients to submit pictures of what they may like from magazines for a custom project.
ITEM 043
Here you have the answer to a restricted floor area. Make a built in laundry cabinet for a super BIG sink.  When you need a cabinet in an area with restricted floor space due to a door.  What do you do?  You can’t buy a prefab cabinet that will make total use of the area.  Bottom line?  This custom laundry cabinet is built byArtisan Specialties.  We can design it with you needs in mind, utilizing all of that unused space.  Install inexpensive countertop laminate or something more elegant like granite, cultured marble, or a solid surface countertop of your choice and style.  To accent your custom made cabinet.
ITEM 044
This is a bathroom remodel.  I tore out a small powder room and closet and expanded it into a large bathroom with this free standing Prefab bathroom cabinet vanity, sink, toilet, custom built in linen cabinet, and tub with a shower and tile walls.  I loved the owner’s choice of tile so much I copied her design in my person home, except I used glass block for a half wall in the shower area, no tub.  What is not shown here is the large walk in closet with makeup desk, organizer shelves, and three quarter inch hardwood everywhere but the bedroom bathroom.  The next three pictures are of the small powder room that is at the end of the hall, and it does have hardwood.
My company installed this beautiful C.P.A. bathroom vanity in the hall power room my client picked out.  I do love the glass bowel on top for the sink.  The owner has excellent taste with all fixtures she picked out to have my company install.  One style in her daughter’s bedroom bathroom and another style in this hall powder room.  I was proud that they trusted my company to make sure everything was done just right with their remodeling project!  The prefab bathroom cabinet shown in ITEM 044 and the black prefab bathroom cabinets to the left where bought by the Owner at one of the large building supply houses.  Both are made with MDF boards, pressed paper.  I can not beat the price on prefab designer bathroom vanity cabinets like these shown here, but mine will last for so much longer having no MDF!
On the right side of the hall powder room is this matching black toilet with an elegant free standing toilet paper holder and matching necessities.  Before this remodeling job there was only room for a tight fitting toilet.  Now there is a larger floor area with a bathroom vanity and three quarter inch hardwood flooring.  Additional AC vents were installed and some vents relocated in both areas.  The powder room and bedroom bathroom have new exhaust vent that go to the outside of the home.  New mirrors and crown moldings.  I have no problem with installing any prefab cabinet I custom make in our service area, (some restrictions may apply) or a prefab cabinet my clients may pick out from one of the many mass home buildings supplies around.
How can you save floor area when you have none? Quick answer, install a pocket door.  With a pocket door you effectively save up to nine square feet of valuable floor area.  This is a picture of the door for the powder room at the end of my client’s hall.  You can just make out the vanity on the left behind the partly opened door.  Just remember one thing.  If you supply the prefab cabinet or any fixtures, you supply the warrantee on the parts.  Plus if added trips are needed because all of the parts were not present at installation, there may be additional charges.  Donít worry, I give a little depending on the circumstances.  Is it time for your family to remodel your bathroom?  Like I say throughout my website, advice is FREE and so are my prices, unless I come behind a shade tree contractor to fix their mistakes, “wink”.


When you are remodeling a bathroom you look for the quickest most efficient way to accomplish your project while saving as much money as possible. Using stock or custom prefab bathroom vanity cabinets you can lesson the time having a bathroom that is unusable.
With prefab bathroom cabinets you have the ability to have your vanity built while the repairs or renovations are being done. You can use another method if you do not care about the rotten wood or tile falling off your walls and floors, just cover up your tub with a preformed lining and wall surrounds to make it look brand spanking new, then install a cheap particle board cabinet with a thin veneer that looks like real wood, but do not expect my company to do that! My company and name mean more than selling cheap quality and bad craftsmanship.

A custom prefab bathroom vanity is what most people are looking for and can not find.  Why?  You have to be a cabinet maker to build custom cabinets, and most cabinet companies have their brand name manufacturer do that for them taking time to order, make and ship all custom prefab bathroom cabinets.  With Artisan Specialties  you bypass the middleman and talk directly to the Owner of the company, myself Patrick Clark  about your special projects.

What do you get with my custom prefab bathroom cabinets? Thatís easy no MDF, or Fiberboard. What is Fiberboard?  I always think of paper with fiber added to it myself.  You can form any design you would like using MDF.  Everyone has seen those beautiful legs and rounded fronts on those prefab cabinets right?  Do you really think that is real wood?  Why do you think the prefab vanities come prefinished?

O yes, I will be glad to sell you something I do not have to warehouse or ship myself, but if you really look between the lines to see what you are buying you might change your mind.

The following information was supplied to me by a leading seller of prefab vanities on the internet.  My personal favorite is the part about even if priced double!!

Bathroom vanities - MDF Wood Board
Vanities that are made to last of the best quality are constructed this way, even if priced double.

MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) on the cabinet panels and Birch on carvings. MDF material is more appropriate for this item because it does not warp under wet conditions like regular wood does and it resists moisture and humidity much better.  It is very smooth, very heavy, more expensive than wood and sometimes difficult to get due to limited supply.  All panels are permanently sealed on both sides prior to assembly for extra protection. Finished with Veneers or Painted over.

Not to be confused with Particle board.

The following are test results:
Moisture resistant boards for use in humid conditions will normally have less swelling in thickness compared with standard grade boards.

Wet cyclic test (EN321)
This test consists of a three cycle accelerated ageing treatment followed by strength testing.  It is used to assess the likely performance of MDF with improved moisture resistance for applications involving long term exposure to extreme damp conditions with relative humidities consistently up to 80% or the exposure of the boards to intermittent wetting or extreme damp conditions.

Each of the three exposure cycles comprises:

  1. Immersion in water at 20įC for three days
  2. Freezing in air at -12įC for one day
  3. Exposure to air at 70įC for three days
The swelling in thickness of the test pieces occurring during the treatment and the tensile strength perpendicular to the plane of the board after the treatment are measured and the results used to characterize board performance in adverse conditions.

Boil test (EN1087-1)
The boil test can be used to characterize the likely performance of some types of moisture resistant MDF and exterior MDF in conditions of high relative humidity or exposure to intermittent wetting.  For this test, 50 mm x 50 mm test pieces are boiled in water for two hours and then checked for tensile strength perpendicular to the plane of the board.

Dimensional stability (EN 318)
MDF is a relatively stable material compared with solid wood which has large movement across the grain as a result of changes in moisture content.  Although the movement of MDF is small, furniture and fitment manufacturers require information on the likely movement in length, width and thickness resulting from exposure to extremes of relative humidity for use as a basis for setting machining tolerances to ensure the optimum fit of parts.

Dimensional stability is measured by noting the length, width and thickness of the test pieces after conditioning to constant mass at 35% rh, 25įC and after conditioning at 85% rh, 25įC.  The dimensional stability is expressed as the sum of the percentage changes in each dimension between these limits.  The lower limit of 35% rh, equivalent to an equilibrium moisture content of about 6% for MDF, represents the dry conditions associated with use in hot climates or in buildings with central heating.  The upper limit of 85% rh, equivalent to about 13% moisture content, represents storage in a damp warehouse or the fitting out of components in a new building before the moisture has been dissipated from the building materials.

And thatís the end of the copy and paste.

Another copy and paste. This time from

Medium-density fiberboard (MDF or MDFB) is an engineered wood product formed by breaking down softwood into wood fibers, often in a defibrator, combining it with wax and a resin binder, and forming panels by applying high temperature and pressure.  It is a building material similar in application to plywood but made up of separated fibers, not wood veneers. It is denser than normal particle board.
Large-scale production of MDF began in the 1980s.  Its name derives from the distinction in densities of fiberboard. MDF typically has a density of 600-800 kg/m≥, in contrast to particle board (160-450 kg/m≥) and to high-density fiberboard (600-1450 kg/m≥).  Similar manufacturing processes are used in making all types of fiberboard.
MDF is also known as Customwood or Craftwood.
MDF has been controversial in regard to its use of formaldehyde resins and the associated health risks.  Thus, other resins are being considered and used instead of formaldehyde.
MDF is often used in school projects because of its flexibility.

Benefits of MDF:

Drawbacks of MDF:

End copy and paste.

Allot of countries seem to have the bottom line of making money as the first objective, no matter what they have to do to get there. We all have seen the mess with lead in our childrenís toys.  NOT commercial cabinets, our childrenís toys.  How far do you think the problem goes?  Making you think huh?  So I canít say that there might be lead paint in some of these stock prefab bathroom vanities because they may come from somewhere other than the United States, because I just do not know.

So now that I have gotten your attention with what MDF is and what may or may not be on the finish of some of the out of country ďqualityĒ prefab bathroom vanity cabinetry I will get to the point of what Iím trying to emphasize.

Feel free to call me today for a no obligation quote on your custom home renovation or new construction project.  If no one answers the phone, Iím personally doing an installation and out in the field working. The good thing is I always return all phone calls, so leave a message and I will call you back!  803 600 2919.

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